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Family Lawyers in Dandenong Offer Innovative Service

Family Lawyers in Dandenong Offer Innovative Service

Family Lawyers in Dandenong Put Your Family Law Needs First


The scenarios that require the services of a family law lawyer are many and diverse.  But what they almost always share in common is high emotional stakes for the client.  Be it divorce, child custody  or any of the other dozens of potential areas requiring legal assistance, there are several factors to consider when hiring a family law lawyer in Dandenong.


Looking for a family law lawyer who puts a high value on providing innovative and solution-oriented service?  Equally valuable to the client is when that innovation is combined with compassion and flexibility in the delivery of those services. 


One area of stress for clients is cost.  A flexible lawyer will offer the option of both fixed fees and hourly based billing, based on the client’s financial needs.  You can get a quote before you engage in the legal practice’s services.


Assisted by an innovative approach to technology, lawyers are also better able to tailor their delivery of legal services to their clients’ needs.  They can work with you by phone or video conferencing, as well as by personal contact.  A client-focused lawyer will be flexible around meeting a client's schedule – and be prepared to come to the client’s home or office.  Some lawyers will also visit clients after hours and during weekends. They understand that ease of access to legal services is key to the emotional well-being of their clients, as they go forward with a family law action.


Starting the Process with an Assessment

A full range of family law services are available in Dandenong , as well as, the communities of Endeavour Hills, Keysborough, Noble Park, Rowville, Mulgrave, Clayton, Springvale, Glen Waverley, Mount Waverley, Oakleigh, Malvern and Moorabbin.  


A compassionate legal practice makes it easy to start and continue the process.  After an initial assessment of your family law issues, you will be provided with a range of options for moving forward.  That involves providing you with clear and straightforward legal information about the help you can get, as well as time frames, potential risks and, of course, fee information.


The success of this important preparatory step will rely on you gathering and providing your lawyer with information, both personal and financial as applicable.


What is the Range of Services on Offer?


Look for a legal practice that has experienced family law lawyers who offer a full range of services covering family situations, parenting and relationships.  Those services include:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Advice about separation and your rights
  • Divorce
  • Property division and property settlement – both in and out of court
  • Custody matters and parenting plans
  • Paternity testing
  • Child support rights, agreements, and debt recovery

Your lawyer should understand the stress that family law proceedings can engender.  Through preparation, precise initial assessment, willingness to meet with you on your time and schedule, as well as, giving a clear indication of costs involved, your family lawyer in Dandenong can go a long way to providing the innovative and caring service you require to achieve a successful outcome.

Staying Connected with your Legal Team

Tech-savvy legal firms are providing online tools that are exclusive to their firms, much like online companies do to differentiate themselves from the competition. Providing experienced and informative legal advice through the channels of the Internet in an accessible and cost-effective manner is tremendously beneficial for both the firm and their clients. It offers those who are experiencing emotional and potentially financial duress the comfort of accessible and timely legal advice.

Legal firms making great use of online tools will offer their clients an online portal, where they can log on and access all sorts of information about their case. They can see what stage of the process their legal matter is in – be it child custody, divorce, de facto separation or other areas of family law. If there are any documents or statements that are required from the client, these can simply be uploaded to the portal for the legal team’s review.

The internet and technology has changed how we communicate with each other. We are more accessible and look for real time answers from our friends, family and peers. Why wouldn’t we communicate the same way with lawyers who are helping determine our future after divorce? Emotions run high and family lawyers will be able to provide important guidance through tough times. Having accessibility to our legal team will be crucial to peace of mind as we move through the process.

Family lawyers in Dandenong and other communities in Victoria will have access to seasoned and knowledgeable lawyers like those in any large city!


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